I can do whatever I want to do, he said. But Im going to pace myself. I have a day that Im targeting to be ready. When that day comes, youll know. Pujols had hoped to avoid all of this last October. He spoke shortly before the end of the season about how he was looking forward to a normal offseason, leading to playing more first base, instead of DH, in 2017. In December, though, the treatment he had tried for his plantar fasciitis on his right foot failed. I did the procedure the doctor told me to do and it didnt work out, he said. After six weeks I had the same pain, if not worse than I had at the end of the season. Then I made the decision that I needed to get this done I wish I would have done it right after the season and not wait till December, but we had to wait six weeks for this treatment and it just didnt work out. Pujols said hes not concerned about the missed time from his normal offseason routine.

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